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HEWAN Engineering Limited is a Civil Engineering and Building construction firm based in Greater Accra, Ghana. The Company was established in 1998. It has a team of Engineers and Technicians who share between them over 200 years experience in design, construction supervision, contract management and construction of General Civil & Industrial Infrastructure, Housing, Water Supply and Road works.


The company has a pool of Civil Engineering Professionals and associated technical staff drawn from relevant areas of specialization and equipments to meet assigned functions. Field of specialization includes:

  • Design/construction of roads and highways
  • Design and Construction of water supply systems
  • Design and construction of dams and irrigation network
  • Design and construction of Residential/office accommodation
  • Construction of Electricity Substations
  • Design and Construction of Buildings, Roads and General Civil works
  • Construction contracts management services
  • Heavy equipment management and maintenance services
  • Relevant Company Experience

    Construction of 1 Unit Two Floors 4 Bedroom Accommodation Facility.
    Installation of initial contract for 25km out of estimated 150km proposed of Distribution Lines to 183 communities and about 222,075 people in the Central Tongu, North Tongu, Ho West, Adaklu and Agortime Ziope Districts. With construction of 50m3 Capacity, 4 No.Water Towers and booster stations.
    Installation of 180km Transmission and 300Km Distribution Pipeline for the Adidome-Ho Corridor. Excavation, welding and laying of HDPE transmission and distribution pipelines for supply of water to treatment plant, including concrete works for shafts and treatment plant
    Civil Works for Transformer and other equipment’s foundation and ancillary works for 81 sites

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